Portal for communication and service management!

Elanor Service Portal (ESP) is an online communication tool between us and clients that has replaced the obsolete way of submitting requests via e-mail. This portal has a helpdesk function, it is a support for our customers. At the same time, especially in the framework of payroll outsourcing services, the ESP serves for mutual transfer of data and is a guide to the entire payroll process. Our system has been used by our clients already since the implementation phase, thus it provides our customers with a unified communication environment from the very beginning of cooperation.

Advantages of the ESP web portal for client – provider communication:

  • Availability from anywhere, 24/7
  • High level of security
  • Clear arrangement, history preview – requests and queries are submitted by means of tickets, all the communication to individual tickets is in chronological order
  • User-friendliness – possibility to filter, search and export tickets
  • Possibility of previews for the entire company or concern
  • Displaying SLA parameters for each ticket (according to the contractual agreement)
  • Possibility of customized reporting
  • Uniformity, complexity – secure distribution of new versions of our products is done via ESP
  • ESP ensures not only support (helpdesk) and transfer of data, it is also a mean to order training and consultations

Advantages of the ESP for customers who use outsourcing:

  • Transferring and receiving data and outputs in a unified environment
  • Simple step-by-step workflow ensures compliance with the correct procedure and smooth data transfer