A simple way of using payroll and HR system!

Application rental

If you want to simply obtain software both technologically as well as operationally and to save costs at the same time, rental of the application – Application Service Providing (ASP) is suitable for you. This service allows a remote access to our system, using a computer with Internet browser and Internet connection. What is a big advantage of application rental? You do not have to take care about the operability of the software, its management and protection of stored data.

Why use application rental?

  • Care and operation of software is completely up to us.
  • We guarantee high data security.
  • We back up data regularly and protect it against viruses and electronic attacks.
  • Your investment costs will be transformed into operational costs and you will be able to reduce operating costs even more because of the rental.
  • Equipment necessary for the operation of the application (hardware and software) is ensured by us.
  • A combination of payroll outsourcing and ASP is the ideal solution for your payroll agenda.