Payroll and HR system EGJE

Elanor Group develops its own payroll and HR software localized for Czech republic and Slovakia.

A comprehensive HR solution EGJE:

  • It provides all standard administration of personnel work and supports complex personnel and payroll processes
  • It is divided into various modules with a relative possibility to install each part separately
  • It is suitable for using the Oracle as well as Microsoft databases
  • It enables to set up user’s rights up to an individual item
  • Thanks to a unified appearance and interconnection of modules it enables visual and intuitive operation (unnecessary to switch on individual modules separately)
  • It is intended for specialists as well as managers and employees
  • It is always in compliance with the latest legal regulations and is subject to regular upgrade
  • It contains an elaborated select and search feature
  • Alternatively, it can operate in web interface without losing functionality
  • It adapts to specific needs of clients
  • It demonstrates high system reliability of data protection
  • It enables integration with the current company information systems
  • It is equipped with a broad scale of configurations and possibilities to create bespoke configurations
  • It provides various formats based on configuration and export needs of users ( xls, pdf, xml, txt, html, rtf )
  • The majority of data can be operatively exported to Excel and processed further
  • Within one database it is possible to use several language versions (independently of legal regulations)
  • Within one database it is possible to make wage calculations in more than one legislation (in CZ and SK )
  • Especially in the personnel administration module it works as a process.

Elanor Global Java Edition

EGJE is a tool for human resource management – an information system that solves payroll, HR as well as attendance agenda in a comprehensive way both for companies and offices with dozens, but also many thousands of employees. It is regularly legislatively updated and open for further development and configuration according to the customer’s individual needs.

Elanor HR portal for employees and managers

HR data constantly under control.

Do you need to check the HR data of your subordinate on your tablet? Do you want to take a look at your payslip comfortably at home? The Elanor HR portal allows you to do this all, it is a simple user interface of EGJE, fully sharing its data and functionality as its integral part. It is a web portal intended for both employees and managers the controlling of which is intuitive without the need of knowledge of the EGJE system.

You can access it remotely any time and from anywhere and have a look at the following data:

  • preview of HR data and data of subordinates,
  • requests and approvals of absences and presences,
  • applications and approvals of participation in training events,
  • requests for changes of HR data,
  • preview of payslips of employees / subordinates (where appropriate).