The quality of our products, valued by satisfied customers who are constantly returning to us, is a core value for Elanor’s business. Our quality policy thus becomes an important part of our corporate strategy.

  1. Top quality is our successful business strategy on the global market. Deliveries of our projects, systems and services have to be met in agreed quality, deadlines and price, with the guarantee of compliance with the relevant legislation, in safe implementation and without negative environmental impacts.
  2. We want to be a reliable and sought-after supplier in the field of information systems for human resources management (HR) and outsourcing services in the area of payroll and HR.
  3. The indicator of the quality of our products is a high and long-term customer satisfaction. To achieve it, we are constantly striving for excellence in all our activities.
  4. We consider flexible organization based on professional competence, responsibility and competence of employees at all levels to be the crucial part of our constant competitiveness.
  5. We consider human resources to be the most important factor for achieving the goals in the area of meeting the needs and wishes of customers. Satisfied customer = satisfied employee and vice versa.
  6. We place the same demands on our company and our suppliers, cooperating companies and business partners. We only work with suppliers who meet the standards of Elanor.
  7. We consider a sophisticated and functional company management system to be the basic element of long-term and stable meeting of market needs, customers and all partners.
  8. We concentrate our investments on technology infrastructures, education and work environment to achieve versatile competence and enhance the quality of our processes, management systems and products and services.
  9. Our goal is to steadily increase the performance of the business process. We build on continuous improvement of products, processes and management system.
  10. We consider our own changes, as a response to the constant evolution and changing needs of the global market, to be the basis of a long-term successful business.