Another series of Winter Customer Days

The month of January again, among other things, revolved around Customer Days of Elanor, which gradually took place in Slovakia and in the Czech Republic.

On Wednesday, 17 January, meeting of users of the Elanor Service Portal product, an online communication tool for exchanging information between us and clients, took place again in our favourite GreenPoint Conference Centre in Prague 10. The main topic of the seminar was the payroll closing date process when the ESP portal serves as a guide to all the necessary steps, as well as news and ways to work with its another part – Helpdesk.

The following Wednesday, on January 21, we welcomed the Slovakian users of our EGJE software for HR management (Elanor Global Java Edition) in the premises of the Garni*G Hotel in Bratislava, to introduce them to the news of a new version of the system – e201801. The areas of GDPR, human resources, payroll, annual tax settlement, as well as the “helpdesk parts” of the ESP customer portal were discussed.

The following day, in a similar vein, there was a meeting of more than one thousand of Czech users of EGJE, again in the GreenPoint Conference Centre in Prague 10. In addition to the above-mentioned topics, also Attendance, Administration, Travel orders and Electronic Tax Declaration were discussed. A separate lecture was devoted to the issue of GDPR.