Local Payroll

We are fully ready to support your company locally according to your needs; whether it is a simple payroll calculation,interfacing to your systems or customization of reports and pay slips, we are the company who make your payroll correct, in time, more efficient and just as you want it.


  • Legislatively and timely correct payroll calculation
  • Possibility of customization and creating interfaces into your systems
  • Communication in local language as well as in English
  • Individual approach
  • Coverage of the full payroll process – time data collection, payroll calculation, obligatory and corporate reports/outputs, interfacing to General ledger, bank transfers
  • Local office and local employees serving the customer


  • You don’t have to keep track of legislation, your payroll will always be calculated correctly and in time
  • Easier communication with the supplier for all the countries; you always communicate with one person, who knows the situation. Local contact for local payroll.
  • Documentation and communication is easy and clear, ability to support local employees as well as foreign managers
  • Treating customers individually and with respect to their demands and needs. Results in better relationship and easier communication.
  • Possibility for remote access to payroll/HR system enables on-line data
  • Complete built-in of payroll processes into your other corporate systems (ERP, Time and Attendance…)