International Payroll

Many of our customers have more than one location to take care of. We offer the possibility of joining the services under one contract, with a single point of contact allowing our clients to focus on their core business and maintaining the always important individual approach, to which are our customers accustomed in the local solution. The unification of payroll process under one supplier leads to better contract conditions, easier communication and clarity in both, payroll processes and costs.


  • Legislatively and timely correct payroll calculation
  • One main contact person (project manager) on the side of supplier
  • Unified outputs in all countries, one contract with one supplier, data consolidation, unified service level, consolidated payroll outputs
  • Interfacing to any ERP or reporting system
  • Tools of remote access, possibility of self-made reporting, self-service
  • Internal communications, settings and payroll system changes distribution


  • You don’t have to keep track of legislation, your payroll will always be calculated correctly and in time
  • Easier communication with the supplier for all the countries; you always communicate with one person, who knows the situation. Local contact for local payroll.
  • Clear reporting, easy evaluation, cooperation conditions are the same in all countries, summary data for all countries, simple correlation
  • Automation, faster processes, decreases chances of errors, user-friendly environment for the customer
  • Supplier flexibility and on-line access to data
  • No need to explain to each supplier, particularly one and the same requirement or change

+ all the standards and benefits provided on local level